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About Deployment Technologies and Support Programs
Deployment Technologies and Support Programs (DT&SP) supports the Director, Force Health Protection and Readiness Programs (FHP&RP), by acting as the Department of Defense (DoD) - Health Affairs (HA) functional representative for theater information management and information technology (IM/IT) initiatives. DT&SP provides oversight for theater health-related technology programs to ensure that DoD maximizes the use of technology and information systems to improve mission delivery and performance. This is carried out through active participation in several areas:

Represents DoD functional equities in committees and on working groups dealing with health IM/IT technologies and assures DoD has functional cognizance and the opportunity to provide guidance for research and development conducted in the health IM/IT technology field.

Participates in working groups that support the Military Health System (MHS) IM/IT and provides input into MHS technology policies and standards.

Supports oversight and policy development for DoD theater health IM/IT requirements, assisting the Director, FHP&RP in formulating and articulating the agency's policy, position, or response on current or emerging information technology.

Performs research and development to enhance deployable medical capability, force medical readiness and homeland defense, and to reduce the time from "bench to battlefield" for new mission focused IM/IT products, processes and services.

Provides oversight to ensure that electronic healthcare information systems and technologies developed for use in theater/contingency operations meet functional business practice needs and validated user requirements.

DoD Approved
DoD Approved