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Theater Functional Management Office
The Theater Functional Management Office (TFMO) provides oversight for theater health care Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) initiatives and serves as the functional liaison to the war fighter. The primary role of the TFMO is to assist theater end users, the Combatant Commands (COCOM), the Services, Joint Staff (JS) and FHP&R to define, validate and prioritize the functional requirements used to drive military health IM/IT system development. A key part of this activity is the definition, development and validation of functional requirements.

The TFMO functional requirements development processes include working with functional proponents to identify, define and develop individual functional requirements which support new/revised theater capabilities; managing, leading and/or facilitating SME work groups; and defining business processes, breaking those processes into their individual requirements and developing testable functional requirements.

The TFMO provides logistical support to the Theater Functional Working Group (TFWG), an 0-6 level sub-group of the Force Health Protection Council (FHPC), chartered to collect, identify and validate functional requirements.

Finally, the TFMO functions as a central point of contact for TRICARE Management Activity (TMA) and others to address Theater and contingency related questions. The TFMO participates as the Theater representative in many TMA sponsored meetings, Integrated Product Teams (IPT), and functional work groups, and when necessary, ensuring appropriate Service and/or COCOM representatives are included. The TFMO cultivates a strong positive relationship with the Joint Staff Surgeon, each COCOM Surgeon General (SG), and each Service SGs ofice and staff in an effort to ensure each functional community is accurately and effectively represented.